non-zero exit

non-zero exit is a vo ezn --- - radio <embed> at worm \\

in computer programming realms, non-zero exit status denotes failure. once a month we go into tools and our personal stories behind them ::

ones of > fun / struggle / mess / emancipation / fires / drifts / perseverance / [...] / && sounds


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[ ]_ lawrence mcguire && werner van der zwan && amos peled && louisa teichmann

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modding the mirror world at MaMa

i noticed after a while that i was moving in very predetermined ways >> i was on rails in outside world

trying to apply video game mechanics to real spaces and see how that effects people's perception

we kind of function and not stand out

surveillance in the city »» sensor networks that are integrated in public space

special trashcan

little community of hamsters

fucked up fairy tale

closed / closing reverse / open / angry / angry closing / angry reverse

imgs: jacqueline fuijkschot

img: jacqueline fuijkschot img: jacqueline fuijkschot img: jacqueline fuijkschot img: jacqueline fuijkschot


[ ]_ hanka van der voet

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a fruiting body of collective labour

de-hierarchising education >> fungi networks


de non - hierarchy

magazine reader

> deconstructing mainstream fashion magazine

> count the adds count the brands >> zine

> if you're saying you're an idepenedent radical magazine, i think you need to show why and how, and i think it's not possible to be radical within an industrial context

warehouse << `wouldn't it be nice to have a community of collaborators?!` `wlnd it be nice if we cld have a bit more control over our output?!`

ricarda bigolin / d&k

join wokrsops >> modular garment making system

a nourishing network

> a publishing experiment starting from the feed as a potentially multi-directional circulation device

mythology of margiela

library of unrully fashion practices

first female union in the netherlands -- de naaistersbond

i love a good copy machine and a free ptinting card

[ ]_ karl moubarak

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artschool education wasn't focused on economic sustenance

screen is out!

touchscreen > 40 pins

hardware is intimidating [...] because consequences

are we losing screws?

i really enjoy styling [interfaces] and i think this is something i could spend my whole life doing without thinking time is passing

i like when the grid breaks, because then this system that has gone through years of refinement has these little glitches in it

future labor of maintenance

archive of belonging

'good practices'

3rd Workshop on obfuscation

fruitfly -- A cursor pack inspired by fruit flies

the hmm livestream

> video was the assumed default everywhere on the livestream platform, although it's no the default for most people

John Lee Clark -- Against Access

/////// tactile impression

[ ]_ ooooo

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ooooo / bolwerk / xm / rotel / [...]

constellation -- we -- universe

post-structuralist discourse < > semantics/linguistics

sound / txt / img ~ content / form

'why do we have to identify?' be out there with diff practices -- always collaborative

we didn't want to streamline ideas

hakim bey -- t.a.z.: the temporary autonomous zone

--------- permanent autonomous zone

it was more interesting that more people were called 'bolwerk'

probably it's actually through the domain name]]

when we did music -- our name was rotel << named after the aplifier ]

Planète Concrète

///// ? we have to hear your voice if you open your mouth

daemons and shell scripts

ssh -- secure shell -- portal <3

$ ssh


$ tmux new -t partyy

scroll in tmux session

ctrl b + [

exit [detach] tmux session without quitting

ctrl b + d

cryptodance -- trying to understand cryptography historically // also what is trust / how to build trust with yourself - with your own body and then with other bodies

putting diffie-hellman key exchange into movement

it's all practices which come more out of hacking with care

sadie plant -- zeros + ones

together you become a computer

[ ]_ golubjevaite

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would you say it's a celebration of failure?

$ chown -R

directory ~~ folder

little lo-fi looper

all these cables are out -- it's just ready to explode

i just started bringing tools to performances -- screwdrivers, pliers

to think about vulnerabilities of tools


how do you feel about preservation?

[ ]_ d1 && estragon

:////////// /
:////////// /

6-8-6-1-5-6 borg

7-7-8-9-lala git

4 hours for 3 forward slashes

fucking fuck nginx

funkwhale -- a free / decentralized / open-source / federated audio streaming and sharing platform

internal agony .. circle of doom

breaktimer -- a desktop application for managing and enforcing periodic breaks

<3 care repository <3

comments in the code [?]

$ cat $ history $ fg

for logging terminal sessions [transcripts] >> .log files saved by date :: add this line in ~/.bashrc

test "$(ps -ocommand= -p $PPID | awk '{print $1}')" == 'script' || (script -f $HOME/.shell_logs/$(date +"%y__%b-%d____%H-%M-%S")_shell.log)

to activate this change, run

$ source ~/.bashrc

[ ]_ ai carmela

ca la dona -- space for feminist action

my servers are laptops

i knew some system administorts that were also volunteering for these social movements <3

[in quarantine] i was just bored and looking at the dashboard where i have the 'once-click install wordpress' and i saw >> 'one-click install nextcloud' >> i was so itrigued that i clicked on it immediatelly which destoryed my wordpress website, but it gave me a working nextcloud

$ sudo snap istall nextcloud

peertube -- a free and open-source / decentralized / ActivityPub federated video platform powered by WebTorrent

i think live-streaming is very advanced form of historiography

whether we like it or not it [facebook] is kind of like the streets -- it's controlled by powers that are mostly against you

workshop -- network topologies [varia >> h&d]

tech learning collective -- technology education for radical organizers and revolutionary communities

mckenzie wark -- a hacker manifesto >> hacker class

only from this perspective i started considering myself a hacker

yeah we all know that this sucks, but now what

mastodon -- a free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services.

matrix -- an open network for secure, decentralized communication

[ ]_ camilo garcía

:////////// /
:////////// /

drawing as a medium for thinking >> since 10 years old i'm just drawing -- now i'm involved in other tools and always thinking those tools through drawing >> system flows / maps / coding

problems i'm able to solve quickly are the visual problems -- i just decided i'm just gonna change the interface my command line interface and maybe i will read it differently ]]]]

graphviz -- an open source graph visualization software

it's the act of solving what i really like -- there is no end / you can't stop

embarrassing 5 hours <3

the moment you are able to appreciate these errors then you also understand how nowadays technology 'needs to be' perfect / effortless / smooth -- you don't let it behave with this noise -- the bugs have their own charm

written word for me is so evoking -- i think it has this power - language is magic in the sense of summoning and spell-ing

we don't have the same figures in our heads

bureaucracies of language

ATATA -- reciprocal awareness

attemp press -- independent publishing project

pandoc -- tool for converting one markup format into another

[ drawings ]

[ ]_ avital barkai

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i will allow you to do it [cinema] only if you also take computer science // moms <3


i just knew that there was something in it that i really really liked and how-can-i-use-it-creatively came later

informatics on paper-only

writing cure

the web as a storytelling platform -- web theatre

>> journal > i'm already out there <

when i do my artistic project, i feel i have to incorporate myself in it, because then [otherwise] i don't know how to relate to it

i'm more and more defining myself in different ways >> how do i use my project to access what i'm actually going through

talking cure >> writing cure

poster [from the interface] <> text

i was 10 versions behind

i think i need to update IP

wiki entry -- free culture

in the end you feel like you don't understand internet ]]]]]]

i made this .zip unzip -- so satisfying <3

$ unzip /path/to/file

did you push?

did you pull?

creative coding ecologies -- mapping of creative coding community

++ if you want to be part of it

they are all floating around in this white space -- we thought about this space/galaxy -- somehow you need to make sense of it

WITH WHICH -- wtf ]]]

[ ]_ ccl

:////////// /

> how communities use technology to reclaim certain sense of autonomy or being able to define their dependencies

> a feminist server manifesto

constant fragile state -- you are facing the possibility of collapse at any moment

situated knowledges -- donna haraway -- partial perspectives / embeddedness of knowledge into the world / from particular points of view

to think together what that might mean

software not as something that exists accross a standard necessarily, but that can be adapted to particular situations and can exist through diferrent iterations / continuations / genealogies >> movement of software

atnofs -- a traversal network of feminist servers


We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things: #1) Respect the privacy of others. #2) Think before you type. #3) With great power comes great responsibility.

$ sudo service pulseaudio restart

it feels like you're learning to get closer to the machine -- you relate to your computer diferrently

digital discomfort -- cristina cochior / karl moubarak / jara rocha -- online meeting and conferencing tools, powered by renewable energy, running on cooperatively owned infrastructure

bots as digital infrapunctures -- digital infrapuncture is a term that draws attention to stress points in infrastructures and stimulates thinking about how to intervene.

protective optimization technologies -- intervene from outside the system, do not require service providers to cooperate, and can serve to correct, shift, or expose harms that systems impose on populations and their environments.

i don't necessarily want to repair twitter

let it burn

ocr -- optical character recognition

[ ]_ louisa teichmann

:////////// /

i like this idea of suggesting that there is more than meets the eye, that there are things hidden in plain sight

efficient art

boundaries of the game are not clear

they kept taking things and thought they would be important later on

udp -- urban data platform

information copy of the city

mirror world


i realized that a lot of the inspiration why i'm doing this cross-over games between real spaces and fictional spaces come from this fascination of me sleepwalking as a kid

that network or that mechanism as a creature with personality

luring in ~

you are not here -- dislocative tourism agency